Camping Season Semana Santa 2019

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ORANJESTAD -The Aruba Police Force informs that the camping season in connection with Semana Santa (Holy Week) will start this year on Sunday, April 14, 2019 at noon and will end on Sunday, April 28 , 2019.

Application forms for a camping permit will be available from Monday, January 7 till Friday, March 29, 2019 at the administrative office of all police stations from 08.00am–11.30pm and from 1.00pm-4.30pm.

Securing camp tentThe camp rules will be tightened this year.

  1. It is forbidden to barbecue on the white sand. In other places it is only allowed with a gas barbecue.
  2. Tents and trailers that are used for camping must be in good condition and placed at a minimum of 10 meters from the sea and five meters from the public road, otherwise they will be removed by the police.
  3. It is not allowed to reserve a site for camping.
  4.  It is not allowed to place tents and trailers and other objects used for camping in other locations than the locations designated by the government.
  5. A first aid kit with creams for sunburn, for the disinfection of wounds, bandages, patches for smaller wounds, etc. is a requirement.
  6. It is not allowed to place objects and pictures that are in conflict with good manners in tents / trailers.
  7. Camping must take place in accordance with the conditions stated in the issued permit.
  8. It is not permitted to drive with motor vehicles, bicycles and cars on the beach. Animals such as dogs, horses are also not allowed on the beaches.
  9. It is not allowed to light a campfire.
  10. The sale of food, drinks and other products is not permitted without a separate license.
  11. Music and the use of sound system / amplifiers is allowed on weekdays until 10.00 and during the weekend until midnight, provided that it does not disturb other campers.
  12. Securing camp tentTrees may not be cut without permission.
  13. Boats may not sail through the swimming area and it is not permitted to attach boats to buoys intended for navigation.
  14. It is not allowed to use pallets and cardboard on the beach and these will be removed by the police.
  15. Urinating in public, for example, against palm trees is forbidden.
  16. Animals, such as dogs, horses are also not allowed on the beach.
  17. It is not allowed to use huts intended for the public to camp.
  18. It is not allowed to pollute the beach or throw dirt into the sea. Broken bottles, glass splinters  cannot be left on the beach or thrown into the sea.
  19. The license is issued by name and may not be transferred to other campers.
  20. The camping permit must be placed in a visible location in the tent or trailer.
  21. The permit holder must take into account that he / she is only entitled to the camping spot during the period that he is actually camping. It is not allowed to reserve the camping site, mark it, mark it with ropes, before the permit starts.
  22. The license holder is liable for any damage caused to others by his / her tent / trailers or other objects.
  23. Instructions by the police concerning public order, the safety of persons, goods and the protection of good manners must be strictly observed.
  24. It is not allowed to use huts to camp, which are intended for people who spend a day at the beach.
  25. License holders who do not act in accordance with the conditions for which the license is issued will be deemed to have acted in violation of the permit. The permit will be withdrawn and the permit holder can receive an official fine.

Camping on the beach