DAO needs your cooperation with their Labor Force Survey 2018

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 12-12-2018.

ORANJESTAD - The Department of Labor and Research (DAO) has been conducting a survey since October 19, 2018 to determine the labor force capacity on Aruba.

 This is their 8th Labor Force Survey(EFL2018) so far and it has entered its last week.

The EFL2018 is being held with the cooperation of the Central Bureau for Statistics as well as the Central Bank of Aruba. The EFL2018’s primary goal is to determine the most current and complete labor force capacity in Aruba. The unemployment rate is also derived from this survey. The findings will help get a better picture of the labor market in Aruba like the participation grade, the education level of the employees etc. The findings will be instrumental for the government, employers and survey takers to establish a plan to better fit the local labor force and trends.

How can you help with the survey?

More than 1000 addresses have already been visited out of the 2000 assigned. In order for the DAO to complete the 2000 visits, survey takers are aiming to complete the remaining addresses in this last week. It is for this reason the DAO is requesting the help of those who’s addresses have been selected to complete the survey. Only residents 15 years and older will be interviewed and it does not matter if you are employed or not. The volunteers will provide a questionnaire and this should be filled accordingly. The remaining addresses will be visited anytime between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. All volunteers have a special DAO ID card and wear a red shirt with the DAO logo. In the event no one is home, a notification will be left with the contact number of the survey taker. Please contact the survey takers soon as you can in order to make an appointment. You can also call the DAO at 5237720 for appointments.


All gathered information will be processed anonymously. Your privacy is guaranteed by the DAO. Your contribution will help us understand the current developments within the labor market better. The DAO is thankful to all who already participated with the EFL2018 and is thanking those who will be participating in the last week.

Please contact the DAO at 523770 for more information of the Labor Force Survey 2018, and ask to speak with one of the employees of the Labor Force Investigation office.