DPL’s main task is to bring employers and employees closer together

ORANJESTAD - The Department of Labor Progress better known as DPL is continuously providing assistance on the labor sector helping with more and better job opportunities for our locals.

Since the start of DPL in August of 2011, they worked hard to set the procedures in place for those seeking employment or employers. One of the main goals of the DPL is to bring job seekers closer to job creators, by working proactive and efficient for the benefit of the labor market and locals.

Over the past years, the DPL has gained more experience and has adapted the procedures benefitting the clients. It introduced stricter procedures that changed the application procedures. Job seekers are no longer only submitting a written application while waiting for the call back from the employer for a possible interview.

To avoid such procedures, a triple form has been introduced and needs to be completed by both parties and signed after the first job interview. With this system, the DPL has a better grip on the procedures. This also makes the employer react quicker to the applications.

Building Departmento di Progreso Laboral

The DPL is well aware of the difficult situation of the job seekers and pledges to help speed up the entire selection procedure. Everyone that approaches the DPL receives valid information both verbally as in writing (agreement signed) about the application procedures. At the same time, the job seekers are provided with essential tips to help them be presentable and well prepared for the job interview.

DPL is committed to do whatever they can to assist those seeking for a job, get their first job interview and or a job immediately. The final decision is obviously in the hands of the employer. In the event a company rejects your application, they should have a valid reason if the job seeker is not accepted for the job, they can always go back to the DPL for assistance for the next job opportunity.

The DPL itself does not provide jobs but helps job seekers with the proper steps towards getting a job interview and also prepare you for the interview with the employer. The assistance provided by the DPL is completely free of charge is primarily to serve the local labor market. Finding a job is never easy and in some cases can be very difficult. Some people still cannot find a job. It depends on the individual’s persistency, social skills, communication skills, impression, selling yourself as being the best candidate and job experience. All of the above-mentioned are essential in finding the right job.