Dutch Kingdom’s travel advisory: avoid traveling to Venezuela

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 28-02-2019.

ORANJESTAD - The current situation in Venezuela remains critical and has the full attention of the government since the escalation of the situation.

The Aruba government is closely monitoring the situation and is in a high state of alert for any escalation.

  • The local authorities are extra vigilant of the borders.
  • The Aruba government is in state of alert of the international impact and the posture of the Netherlands towards this situation.
  • Commercial flights between the countries is also a reason for concern and for alert. The local government does not want an airspace shutdown between the two countries as there are still locals in Venezuela. The travel advisory is to avoid traveling to Venezuela unless really necessary. With the current situation, Venezuela is not a place for vacationing. There is not yet a travel ban to Venezuela, however the request is to avoid visiting Venezuela.
  • The 4th concern is the evacuation of local citizens out of Venezuela. Aruba only does not have  the necessary means of doing this. An evacuation plan needs to be in place and should be established by the Dutch Kingdom. It is for this reason that since last year, all travelers to Venezuela where advised to register at the Dutch embassy in Caracas. Aruba citizens residing in Venezuela should also register at the embassy. In the event of worsening of the situation and evacuation is needed, the authorities would have a list ready to assist.

The prime minister emphasized that the situation in Venezuela is putting Aruba on a high alert mode due to the proximity of the two countries.