Exam and repeat exam for four KIA tracking dogs.

ORANJESTAD - After a training of more than twelve weeks, the new KIA detective drug, K9 Acenta, passed her exam.

Exam K9 AcentaAcenta is a Malinois from the Netherlands and, thanks to a private donation, ended up with the special support team - dog brigade (BOT-K9) of the KIA. The entire training of Acenta took place on Aruba.

K9 Acenta plays with her trainer with her toyIn addition to Acenta, which received its certificate for the first time, the service dogs Noa, Pipo and Sting took their repeat exam. The exams take place twice a year and entail quality control in the following disciplines; narcotic drugs, money and firearms and ammunition.

The Aruba Correctional Institute with its special support team - dog brigade (BOT-K9) has certified surveillance and tracking dogs that contribute to safety within and outside the KIA.

New tracking dog K9 Acenta