Global Money Week a success

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 15-12-2018.

ORANJESTAD - Recently the kick off of the Global Money Week Aruba at the Industry Museum in San Nicolas took place. Global Money Week is an event to help educate children about finances.

This project consisted of 6 stations like; Learn, Earn, Spend, Save, Share and Innovate. A highly educational program to teach kids how to properly manage money.

Earn Station of Idea and its partners Qredits, Santa Rosa and Mundi Health Café during the Global Money Week event that took place in the Museum of Industry in San Nicolas IDEA (Incentive for Business Development in Aruba) together with its partners, Qredits, Santa Rosa and Mundi Health Cafe worked together at the Earn Station. The subject of the EARN station was “Financial Farm of Mundi Health”. At this station, the attending children had the opportunity to learn how to grow plants from seeds for future harvest. From the harvest they will produce products that can be sold in markets, like Torojil Tea, oregano oil, fruit jams or just sell the young plants or the harvested fruits and vegetables.

The participants have also seen images from the past of former farmers in different areas in Aruba as well as commerce in San Nicolas an Oranjestad including the harbor area from the past. Mundi Health also explained the children how they use locally grown fruits and vegetables in their restaurant in the form of juices and on their menu.

The EARN station explained the possibilities of growing produce in their own backyards in order to make profit by selling their harvest. In total the Global Money Week was attended by about 700 children from schools all around Aruba.

The Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry is grateful to the Central Bank for their support and also all the other partners that helped make this program a success.

Particpants Global Money Week with their Earn Station, namely representatives of Idea, Qredits, Santa Rosa en Mundi Health Café