House at Pos Abou 19 is now an officially protected monument

ORANJESTAD - According to the ordinance of Monuments, AB 1991 no GT 46, article 4, the Minister of Culture, Mrs. Ruiz-Maduro added by decree the house at Pos Abou 19 to the list of protected monuments.

House at Pos Abou 19The property has been thoroughly studied before being able to add the property to the protected list. Many weeks of preparation, investigation and documentation were necessary to describe the monumental building. Each angle of the building has been described in detail and a lot of attention has been given to each of the monumental elements, material etc. Old photos have also been carefully studied so the elements can be brought back in future designs. Invaluable elements have been noticed as also the important ones.

The architecture of the building at Pos About 19 is of a Cunucu house. Mr. Mario Rosario Tromp (October 1, 1899 - 1984) built it in 1930. According to his daughters, the house used to be a house decorated with symbols, namely of flowered house, but these flower symbols were later removed.

These elements were crafted by masons Hilario Christiaans, Donata or Tromp. The original building had a tile roof with a gypsum-plastered ceiling.

House at Pos Abou 19Mario Tromp was married to Johanna Stebana Tromp (August 2, 1900 - 1963). They had three sons and six daughters. The youngest is Faustina Tromp (24 December 1936) who was the last owner of the house before it was transferred to the Monuments Foundation Aruba.

This monumental property is categorized in the highest category for monumental buildings as category A. The criteria for categorization for either category A or B is stipulated in the Monuments handbook Aruba.

Pos Abou 19 is the 37 building registered on the list of protected monuments.