Idea is organizing a workshop called “Silver Entrepreneurship”

ORANJESTAD - The unit of the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry, IDEA (Desaroyo pa Empresa Arubano), is organizing an interesting workshop for all who have the desire to continue to use their knowledge and life experience in their own business.

The theme for this workshop is:“For the retired or soon to be retired” and will be given in Papiamento.

This workshop will provide tips and answers to the many questions those soon to retire have, but also questions retirees have:

What to do now or how to move forward from now

Maybe some have a business or hobby and want to develop their technological and innovation skills

The workshop will be given by experts covering a wide range of areas.

Speakers for this workshop are:

  • Mr.. Dave Martinus, Certified Business Coach at ActionCOACH, will talk about ‘what is entrepreneurship’;
  • Mr. Marc Croes, Policy Advisor Sustainable Development Planning at the  Departamento Economic Affairs; topic discussed ‘How to incorporate sustainability into your business”;
  • Notary Johnson; will discuss the different business entities (sole proprietor/Corp./LLC/), business succession (difference in businesses) when you want to start a business, testaments/inheritance (what can be left and to whom);
  • DEZHI, department of Business Establishment will go over all the business establishing permits that are available and also the procedures, service, trainings and courses offered by DEZHI
  • Mr. Benny Richardson, will elaborate and show the importance of being successful in your personal life by having a healthy lifestyle. This is all about the mindset to be a successful entrepreneur.;
  • Mr. Kenneth Faustin, broker at Best Buy Aruba and Certified Auctioneer, will talk about the commercial opportunities in “Real Estate”;
  • SVB, will discuss the employer’s/employee’s insurance (social premiums); 
  • Mrs. Tamarah Arends-Croes, Business Electronic Sales Specialist na RBC Bank, will talk about the procedures to open an business account and the many innovative products and services provided by the RBC Bank.;
  • Futura, will discuss 2 topics:  ‘Future of Work’ and ‘Design Thinking’ specially for retirees;
  • Santa Rosa, commercial agriculture;
  • Mrs. Cindy Clark, Managing Director at Accura Tax Consultancy, will talk about the relevant taxes for entrepreneurs;
  • SETAR, the importance of ‘Digital Marketing’. Effective tips will be given about online promotion of your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google search but also Direct mail.

Experience will be shared by a panel consisting of:

  • Mr. Lionel Rumnit, specialized as Job Coach at ‘Trampolin pa Trabao’, and will stalk about the trainings he has given to those with disabilities in order to prepare them for the labour market.
  • Mrs. Rosa Alberto, owner of Ginger Aruba Rosken, who started her business after she retired.
  • Mr. Loui Richardson owner of Invest Secure; how to continue with your business once you retire.;
  • Mr. Merrill Robles (retired), how he helps the community with the help of a company or outside a company.

These workshops are completely free and will be given from the 10th of June 2019 until June 14th 2019 from 8:15 a.m. till l12:30 pm at the second floor of the Sun Plaza Mall suite #25 (DEZHI)

For registration (preferably for all the sessions) please visit the link:

For more information please call IDEA at 521-2440 or 521-2439 or 5212400 and ask for Mrs. Judella Trim or Mrs. Louella Croes