International Day of Forests” (IDF): Love our mondi

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ORANJESTAD - In 2012 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 21 as “International Day of Forests” (IDF)

In Aruba we don’t really have “forests” but we do have densely vegetated mangroves areas (Mangroves Forest), like Spaans Lagoen, Mangel Halto and Isla di Oro.

Mondi on ArubaThe The Department of Nature and Environment (DNM) has been creating a list of all mondi’s in Aruba. This inventory includes all kinds of vegetation and animals found at each site. The International Day of Forest is to bring awareness to the importance of having mondi’s in Aruba. 

Each year on the same date, countries around the world are encouraged to create initiatives like organizing awareness activities and to plant a variety of plants. One no the initiatives is the mass planting of plants or activities where children can learn about the local vegetations, jungles and forests in other countries.

This year’s slogan for the International Day of Forests is Forests and education; Learn to Love Forests.

It is important to share this information with the next generation in order to preserve our natural resources, for them to be aware of it’s importance for the next generations. It is important to educate the children about the connection with nature, and not to only be dependable from nature, it’s a give and take world.

Nowadays more than 50% of the population lives in the city and are becoming more and more disconnected from nature.  Reason enough to create awareness on the benefits of preserving the forests and its vegetation. These areas are important to help keep the air, soil, water and people healthy. They play an important role in the prevention of phenomena’s like climate change and famine.

Why do we celebrate the “International Day of Forests”?

Since Aruba is a small island with limited resources, it is very important for us to preserve the little we have.

Sustainable development goal #15: Life on land It is common for people to neglect these areas and develop these without any restrictions. This behavior makes it difficult to reach the global goal for sustainable development (SDG’s). These areas are part of our daily lives, sometimes without being aware of this. SDG #15 states: Protect,  restore and promote the sustainable use of our terrestrial ecosystem, manage forests, prevent formation of deserts, halt and reverse the degradation of the soil and stop biodiversity loss.

A few benefits of the mondi’s and vegetation: they create oxygen, they provide food, they provide shelter from the blazing sun, they enhance the landscapes and maintain our biodiversity. 

It is important to teach the children about the benefits, about the care and love for nature and the vegetation. They need to know the laws in order to help protect the local flora and be able to contribute to the creation of  greener areas. A sustainable system should be established to preserve the existing mondi’s and thus preserve the biodiversity on land.

Poster International forest day, March 21, 2019

A sustainable management of vegetative areas contributes to a united community with a prosperous economy.

The DNM salutes all on this day with the positive message to encourage the next generation to be well educated and appreciative of our mondi’s but also to learn from other countries about their forests.