KIA surveillance dogs once again certified for two years.

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 14-02-2019.

ORANJESTAD -In first two weeks of the new year, the surveillance dog handlers of the special support team - dog brigade (BOT-K9) of the KIA underwent quality control and re-certification, which takes place twice a year.

Special support team - dog brigade (BOT-K9) of the KIASeveral days in a row, guides and dogs had to show their skills in scenarios, such as removal of dangerous armed) inmates from their cell, shield procedures, searches in the mondi, transport escorts and the management of public order problems. They were assessed on components such as controllability, combining, courage and reliability.

Surveillance dog handler of the special support team - dog brigade (BOT-K9) of the KIA with his dogThe surveillance dogs of the BOT-K9 were deployed daily in 2018, including 549 times when escorting the transport of high-risk detainees and 93 times as "back-up" when deploying the internal assistance team in the KIA.

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