Land tax assessment 2019 on the way

ORANJESTAD – The Departamento di Impuesto (Tax Office) informs that the land tax assessments 2019 dated May 31, 2019 were mailed to its customers.

As of May 31, 2019, all customers should have received the assessment at home. If this is not the case, they must collect a duplicate at the Head Office of the Tax Office in Camacuri.

The following is a schedule of payment terms as laid down by law.

Land tax 2019 dated  May 31, 2019

Payment term Deadline payments Payable amount according to the law
First and second payment period July 1, 2019

50% of the tax assessment for the first and second quarter (January - March and April - June).

Third payment period September 30, 2019

25% of the tax assessment for the third quarter (July - September).

Fourth and final payment period January 3, 2020

25% of the tax assessment for the final quarter (October - December).

As of January 31 2019, the land tax assessment must be fully paid.

For more information, please contact the Tax Office and make an appointment with an official of the Land tax department. In order to make the appointment as efficient as possible, it is advisable to bring along:

  • The tax assessment
  • Taxation report (no older than 3 years) or construction drawing (submitted to DOW)
  • Fire insurance policy
  • Notarial deed