Mandatory dismissal package for individuals in the redundancy pool

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 19-12-2018.

ORANJESTAD – The government is taking firm steps to improve the financial situation of the island. 

With this goal in sight, a decision has been taken to attend to the issue of persons who have been relegated to the redundancy pool.

This pool costs the government a sum of 7 million florins a year and consists of approximately 50 persons now. The Prime Minister stated emphatically that the government could no longer carry such a financial burden. Therefore, as of January 2019, all persons relegated to this pool will be will be offered a mandatory dismissal package per January 2019.

This retirement package will be the same as the Early Voluntary Retirement Package offered to the persons in active service who wish to resign early, meaning that they will receive a gradually decreasing income for a certain period. Besides that, the persons in the redundancy pool will be given an opportunity to, as yet, within 6 months find gainful employment within the public sector. Those seeking gainful employment will receive individual guidance during their placement process. 

In the event a candidate is not willing to take the available position, he/she can resign.