March 20th 2019; World Oral Health Day

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ORANJESTAD - In connection with the World Oral Health Day on March 20th, the Department of Public Health in Aruba has dedicated the entire month of March to this topic.

Over the recent years, much attention has been given to the fact that oral health can influence our general health. The key message for this year is the importance of improving the oral health care.

Tooth decay and gum disease can be prevented with proper oral and dental care. Habits like proper teeth brushing, twice on a daily basis can have a significant impact. Brushing should not be rushed but rather take about 2 minutes to clean all teeth. The use of adequate tooth brush and paste is essential. In case of hesitation consult your dentist for advice on what brush and toothpaste to use. Use dental floss for the hard to reach areas between each tooth since regular brushing will not clean these areas well. Very important is the brushing of the tongue as this can accumulate bacteria and food remains as well.

Ad March 20 - World Oral Health Day

Besides proper oral hygiene, it is also important to pay attention to sugar consumption. Sugar, of all kinds, in combination with bacteria can cause tooth decay. The daily recommendation by International Associations is a maximum of 6 teaspoons of added sugar per female, 9 teaspoons maximum per male and 3 teaspoons of added sugars for children.

Visit your dentist and dental hygienist to have your teeth checked and cleaned regularly to prevent tooth decay or gum disease.

Avoid smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes or chewing tobacco. They can stain your teeth and cause mouth or throat cancer. Excessive use of alcohol can cause dry mouth and gum disease. It can also increase the risk of developing cancer in the mouth.

These are all steps that can be taken to prevent oral health issues. Take care of your oral health, you deserve a healthy mouth.