Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has issued a travel advice Venezuela

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ORANJESTAD - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands updated the travel advice Venezuela on January 29. 

This advice is valid until a next revision. In view of the critical situation in Venezuela, it is advisable to consult the following travel advice page:

The travel advice is as follows:

Large national demonstrations were announced for 30 January 2019 and 2 February 2019. These demonstrations can lead to confrontations and violence. Therefore avoid demonstrations. The advice has not changed: travel to Venezuela only if it is necessary. Do not travel to the border with Colombia and Brazil and the south side of Lake Maracaibo.

Travel app and important links

To facilitate access to consular assistance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced a Travel App. In the Travel app you will find practical and valuable information for planning your holiday. With a travel advice a traveler can take preventive measures before or during his / her journey. However, it should be noted that the travel advice is not binding and it is at all times the decision of the travelesr and travel agency if they wish to continue with the journey.

Via the following links you will find more information about this subject:

For consular assistance and advice abroad, the 24/7 BZ Contact Center can always be reached via +31 247 247 247 or on Twitter via @ 247BZ.

Travel advice Venezuela. Source: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Register via e-mail or download the Reis-App and stay informed:

If you are traveling, it is advisable to register in order to stay informed of changed travel advice. There are two options. Registration and registration with the embassy. Both options keep you informed of the security situation abroad, but the second option is used when travelers are staying in the country. In these cases, BZ can take more targeted actions.

Different languages ​​on the website:

The BZ website has different options for languages. Besides Dutch, English and Papiamentu, there is also the option for sign language in Dutch.

Make copies of important documents

It may happen that a traveler loses his or her passport (accidentally or by theft). That is why it is advisable to make copies of important documents, mainly passports. Keep these papers in an e-mail address that is accessible from any computer / tablet or mobile. This is to facilitate the work of the embassies of the Kingdom when a passport needs to be replaced

Worldwide, the Kingdom of the Netherlands has a network of posts of 150 posts. For more information you can consult the following link.

Travel insurance

It is important to always take out travel insurance before you travel abroad. The AZV insurance is not valid if traveling abroad.