Our Kingdom united for Children’s right

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 28-12-2018.

ORANJESTAD - The countries and public entities forming the Dutch Kingdom signed an MoU, a “Memorandum of Understanding”, in order to collectively stimulate and improve children rights.

This MoU includes 7 important key elements; positive education, the prevention of child abuse, development of “safety nets” (after school contents), children’s and adolescent ’s participation, professional assistance, support to children and family, special attention for vulnerable children.

The MoU was signed after a declaration of intent signed by 7 officials in Curacao, during the 3rd Kingdom Taskforce conference for Children’s Rights.

Based on the six Unicef reports titled “Children within the Kingdom; the rights of children within the Kingdom”, it became clear that in order to improve the children’s rights, additional actions should be taken. by the former 6 partners of the Dutch Antilles. To achieve this, a strong collaboration between the partners is essential.

During the Kingdom conference held back in 2014, government officials confirmed their stance that every single child within the Kingdom had the right to a good childhood and youth as stated in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

A Dutch Kingdom Taskforce was created during the last conference with the mission to enhance the collaboration within the Kingdom for Children’s rights.

At the task force  conference which took place in Curacao between May 14 to 16, 2018, government officials signed a declaration of intent, which also concluded to the signing of a MoU which was published on the International day for Children’s Rights.

For additional information one can consult the Memorandum of Understanding.