PAHO visits Aruba

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 09-12-2018.

ORANJESTAD - Aim of the visit of PAHO is to discuss the problem of non-communicable diseases in Aruba.

It is of great importance for Aruba to introduce a multi-sectoral national action plan according to international guidelines  .During their recent visit Dr. K. Mung, y Dr. T. Malcolm, consultants of the Pan American Health organization (PAHO) and the Department of Health of Aruba met with various entities, organization and foundations in Aruba.

Chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, respiratory diseases and diabetes greatly affect the health of our community and are the cause of premature death. These diseases greatly affect our quality of life and are a huge financial burden. In the Americas 8 of every persons die from these diseases per year which are the cause of death of 5.2 million people worldwide.

In order to draft the national plan to tackle these diseases it is necessary to assess the current situation in Aruba with all stakeholders. Hereafter a national consultation will be held with all stakeholders and partners to work on the drafting and implementation of the plan. The national plan will focus on the reduction of the risk factors that lead to chronic diseases such as poor eating habits, inactivity, tobacco use and alcohol abuse.

After the meetings, the Department of Health is convinced of the urgency of the national plan and welcomes the support of all parties involved and of the PAHO for this plan to come to fruition. In this way, Aruba can comply with the international requirements to realize the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations for 2030.

Meeting consultants PAHO and representatives of the Department of Health with stakeholders