PEN2030 presented to stakeholders

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ORANJESTAD - On Friday April 12,  2019, the Department of Education of Aruba presented their National Education Plan “PEN 2030” to stakeholders of the social, economic and environmental sectors.

At the end of 2017, the Minister of Education Mr. Lampe, put the Department of Education of Aruba in charge of the National Education Plan “PEN2030” The purpose of this education plan is to have all stakeholders reach a common vision for the Aruban education.

Presentation PEN 2030The plan was created thanks to multiple deliberations with stakeholders in the attempt to reach the common objectives for the education of Aruba.

Multiple session were organized to brainstorm on elements like quality, innovation and best practice within education.

The General Education Quality Analysis Diagnosis Framework (GEQAF) was the reference point used in combination with a SWOT analysis of the National Education Plan 2007-2017

A digital survey was held to give educators the opportunity to provide feedback. The same opportunity was provided to the community for the creation of the PEN2030. Many expert analysis sessions were held where school boards, the education inspection together with the Department of Education had to chance to evaluate the current situation within our education system and set the new direction in which we as country want to go.

School principals also had the chance to provide feedback during a consultation round and gave their input for the Education 2030 vision.

A great variety of subjects were presented like global and local development in education, necessary abilities, attention points in education and the vision for education 2030.

Invitees presentation PEN 2030Additional quality related topics presented were development goals, desired results, primary process, nucleus sources and support mechanism.

Ultimately they presented the results of all the activities held, the feedback received from the internal and external stakeholders while assessing the gaps and finding solutions to fill the gaps, the mission, values, new vision, strategic objectives, main points of each strategic goal and the action plan. Also addressed was the current situation in our education and the desired situation and plan of action.

The Ministry of Education of Aruba is thankful to all who contributed with the realization of the PEN2030.

You will find more information regarding PEN 20130 in the following documents: