Physical-Mental Resilience training for KIA / CEA team

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 27-12-2018.

ORANJESTAD – Recently the members of the special support team - dog brigade (BOT-K9) of KIA / CEA received the second part of the Physical-Mental Resilience training this week. 

Physical-Mental Resilience training for KIA/CEA teamDuring the training, in which theory and practice alternate, attention is paid to topics such as setting goals, breathing/heartbeat, visualization, energy management, observing and thought and attention control.

Ms. Bianca van Maele, education coordinator of the Orthopedagogical Center Aruba, developed especially for justice teams who face frequent danger, violence and human suffering during their work, a training that enables them to do their hard work. The so-called risk factor is high and constantly present because of the heavy work of these teams, which is why extra attention is paid to the psychological and physical resistance of the people in these teams.

Mrs. van Maele has developed the training for Aruba and has written modules for various target groups and activities within the judiciary. As a result, a tailor-made approach has developed in the field of this resilience training for multiple services within the judiciary departments.

Physical-Mental Resilience training for KIA/CEA team