Recent case of turtles stuck in fishnet is a criminal act

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 28-02-2019.

ORANJESTAD - On January 20th 2019, a net was found on the beach at Zeewijk with a handful of turtles stuck including one fatality. 

Dead turtle in fishing net The surviving turtles endured a stressful situation while stuck in the net.

The Department of Nature and Environment (DNM) condemns this illicit incident strongly. This based on the law “article 4 of the National decree local flora and fauna (Landsbesluit Inheemse flora and fauna) and the National Ordinance Protection of Nature (Natuurbeschermingsverordening) article 4, 5 and 6.

With respect to the use of nets on the southern part of the island, this is also against the law. The authorities in charge with the enforcement of the ordinance for net fishing (Ordinance for fishing with trawls- Verordening op het vissen met sleepnetten) as well as the Fisheries Decree (Visserijbesluit) are the Coastguard and the Police. These laws clearly indicate the specifications for net fishing, like mesh size, net length  and areas permissible.

Turtles rescued from fishing netIt is important to keep in mind that the DNM and the Government authorities are very strict with the law enforcement when it comes to illegality against the environment. The DNM is very grateful to TurtugAruba and all the volunteers as well as the Coastguard, Police and owners of the boat “La Tatiana” for the proper handling of the recent incident with the turtles.

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