Reminder to submit nominations for Royal Honors 2019

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 25-08-2018.

ORANJESTAD – The Aruba Award Commission (Decoratie Commissie Aruba ) reminds everyone that until and including August 17,  2018, one can submit nominations for the 2018 Royal Honors.

On the occasion of King’s Day this distinction is awarded to citizens who have been of service for the Aruban community.Ad Royal Awards 2019

To be eligible for a Royal Decoration the person in question must have been involved in volunteer work for the community. In case of special services for which the person was paid, these can be added, but they should be of such a nature that they have had a big impact on the economic development of Aruba.

Any person or any organization can submit a nomination for a person for whom one feels that he/she is eligible for a Royal Decoration. All nominations must be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Award Commission Aruba located in the ‘Bestuurskantoor’ on the L.G.Smith Blvd.

It is necessary to use two forms to fill out the informatioin. One can obtain the forms at the information desk in the government building, download them via this website or via the members of the Commission. The forms should be completely and comprehensively  filled in and signed by the organization  to which the person is a member. Deadline to submit the nominations is August 17, 2018.

The attached forms can be downloaded and used for the nomination for a Royal Decoration:

For more information you may contact the following Award Commission Aruba: 

  • mw. F. Perez-Lopez at tel 583-8425
  • mw. F. Croes-Rodriguez at tel 582-1790
  • mw. N. Anthony via cel 593-1921 en
  • Mr. V. Frank, tel 587-4979 y cel 740-7071,

or via email: