Responsible camping guarantees a healthy environment and promotes respect towards nature

ORANJESTAD – The Department of Nature and Environment (DNM) announces the conditions set in the new policy for approval of camping permits. 

SeabirdDuring the camping season many people use the beaches and surrounding areas around the island  for camping or to just spend the day.  This should be done in a responsible manner by complying with the law and new regulations conditioned to the camping permit.

The flora and fauna at the camping site should remain the same as found prior to the camping.

SeastarThere are many prerequisites to obtain a camping permit. The DNM’s focus is on the National Ordinance for the Protection of the Nature and National Decree Native Flora and Fauna (Natuurbeschermingsverordening en Landsbesluit inheemse flora en fauna) that are laws to protect the different local animals and plants.

Mangrove treeIt is against the laws to destroy the protected species including removing or catching thems. This includes the removal or catching of sea stars or turtles. Removing sea stars will stress the animal and may lead to dead by asphyxia, due to lack of oxigen . Turtles can also be stressed by humans specially while nesting. Beach goers are requested to leave turtles alone unless it is stuck in nets or any other life threatening situation. Do not mount any turtle or harm them, neither damage any plants. Sea birds, like Rogans, are also protected by the law and should also be left alone.

TurtleIt is prohibited by law to cut down or trim any trees on the beach. Mangroves are very important for the coastline. Trees provide shelter from the sun and cooler air, so respect these in order to receive the benefits of the trees.

The DNM has partnered with other departments in order to establish the new camping policies conditioned to the camping permit.

The environment and nature should not only be respected during the camping season but year round so everybody can enjoy its benefits.