Romance scam

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 08-06-2019.

ORANJESTAD - The  Financial Intelligence Unit – FIU (Meldpunt Ongebruikelijke Transacties - MOT) has noticed that more people from Aruba have recently transferred money or made it available to others abroad.

This Aruban resident may have met the person through social media and believes he or she is in a relationship. Usually communication stays with texts via social media or e-mail, almost never with calls, skyping or something like that. The relationship does not always have to be a romantic relationship. It can also be a friendship where a kind of intimate and dependent relationship is created. The person abroad also provides little or no personal information. There can then be a rip-off or also what is called a scam.

Once the relationship is established, the scammer comes into a serious financial condition abroad and the person in Aruba is the only one who can save the scammer. The scammer abroad becomes seriously ill, is injured or is in life-threatening situations (civil war or other political unrest). The scammer usually says he is a soldier, a widower with a sick child or a hardworking entrepreneur. In the beginning, people are usually asked to transfer a relatively small amount. The amounts then increase. In certain cases, loans are even taken out to transfer money to the scammer. False doctor's statements or letters from lawyers are submitted by the scammer to substantiate the lies.

Ad Romance Scam

Money is, in principle, transferred via the money transfer companies because that is fairly fast and cheap, but money can also be transferred via a bank. Nowadays FIU also sees that a credit or debit card is issued / sent and this is always replenished (the debt is repaid). The scammer uses the credit or debit card abroad.

Be careful with the money for which you have worked hard! If you are a possible victim of such a scam, you do not have to be ashamed of yourself. A lot of people get scammed like this. Warn another and tell your story. And report it to the police! It is difficult to trace the scammer because it is hidden under fake names, prepaid phones, secure internet and e-mail addresses. So don't count on getting your money back, but you might be helping someone else by warning them about this scam.