Royal awards 2019 in Aruba

ORANJESTAD - On April 26, 2019, Governor of Aruba, His Excellency Alfonso Boekhoudt, presented Royal honors during the annual royal award.

This year, no fewer than 35 residents of Aruba, who have made a particularly good contribution to society, are being awarded a Royal Award.

During the annual ribbon shower Royal awards are awarded in the Order of the Netherlands Lion and in the Order of Oranje-Nassau, on the occasion of the birthday of His Majesty the King. The Order of the Netherlands Lion has existed since 1815 and is primarily intended for exceptional achievements of a very exceptional nature for society. To qualify for a distinction in the Order of Orange-Nassau, there must be special merit for society.

This year, on the occasion of King's Day, a total of 2,880 people were awarded a Royal Award. There are 18 people named Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion and 2862 people named one of the levels in the Order of Orange-Nassau. In the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, 63 people receive a Royal honor. A royal award has been awarded to 35 people in Aruba, 14 to 3 and 3 to Sint Maarten.

The Governor of Aruba Alfonso Boekhoudt, his wife and the awardees Royal honors 2019

His Majesty the King has appointed the following residents of Aruba by Royal Decree:

Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau, with promotion (Ridder in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau, bij bevordering):

  • Mrs. R.M. Wanapa-Luydens,

Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau (Ridder in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau):

  • Mrs. D.L. Antonette,
  • Mr. N.M. van der Biezen,
  • Mrs. DC. Correa
  • Mrs. D.H.A. Eldering,
  • Mrs. G.R. Gil,
  • Mr. E.R.F. Lasten,
  • Mr. E.R. Lopez,
  • Mr G. M. Peterson,
  • Mr. drs. F.R. Sint Jago,
  • Mr. F.C. Tromp,

Member of the Order of Oranje-Nassau (Lid in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau):

  • Mr. B.G. Boekhoudt MSc,
  • Mr. E.A. Bongers,
  • Mrs. M.T. Arends-Croes,
  • Mrs. G.T. Croes,
  • Mrs. R.A. Croes,
  • Mr. F.L. Croes,
  • Mrs. M.L. Croes,
  • Mrs. N.R. van Lis-Donata,
  • Mr J.C.C. Dumfries,
  • Mrs. LE. Vrutaal-emerenciana,
  • Mr T.N. Erasmus,
  • Mrs. S.T. Tromp-Farro,
  • Mr F.S. Harms
  • Mr R.I. Kan,
  • Mr. W.R. Krozendijk,
  • Mr T.K.H. Lee,
  • Mrs. J.L. Luidens,
  • Mrs. E.T. Maduro
  • Mr A. Maduro,
  • Mr. E.R. Rasmijn,
  • Mr. L.F. Schmidt,
  • Mr O.A. Trimon,
  • Mrs. Dr. J.J. Geerman-Tromp
  • Mr. M.J. Wout