The Aruba Customs: excise duty and import tax increase on distilled and fermented drinks.

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 23-02-2019.

ORANJESTAD - The Aruba Customs Department and the Aruba Government would like to inform the public on the increase of custom tariffs  for the import and consumption of distilled drinks, wine and tobacco products.

The price increase of distilled drinks and tobacco products is due to the increase of the excise duty, while the increased wine price is due to the increase of the import tax tariffs.

The excise duty increase on distilled drinks:

Only the excise duty has been increased for distilled drinks.

Old price per hectoliter Since January 1,  2019
price per hectoliter
Increase in florins Increase in %
Awg. 1.844,00 Awg. 2.653,00 Awg. 809,00 44%

Increase of excise duty for distilled drinks of under 2 liters with alcohol content of 60%

Volume in liter Old excise tariffs New excise tariffs Excise duty increase
1 Awg 22,10 Awg 31,85 Awg 9,75
0.7 Awg 14,75 Awg 21,20 Awg 6,45
0.75 Awg 16,60 Awg 23,90 Awg 7,30

The above mentioned tables applies to distilled drinks like: Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Jenever, Cognac, Brandy, Tequila. It also includes liquors like Ponche Crema, Bailey’s, Kahlua, Amaretto and Sambuca.

For all distilled drinks in bottles of over 2 liters, with the exception of liquor, containing an alcohol percentage of 60%, despite being in a 2 liter bottle or more liters, a realistic percentage will be used by the customs in the calculation of the import tax and excise tax.

Volume in liter % of alcohol Old excise tariff New excise tariff Excise duty increase
2 40% Awg 29,50 Awg 42,45 Awg 12,95
2 43% Awg 33,20 Awg 47,75 Awg 14,55

Import tax increase on wine

The import tax increase on wine is Awg. 33,00 per hectoliter. The previous import tax on wine was Awg. 400,00 per hectoliter, the updated tariff is Awg. 433,00 per hectoliter. This is an increase of 8.25%

Volume in liter Old tariff for
Import Tax

New Tariff for
Import Tax

Import tax increase
1 Awg 4, – Awg 4,33 Awg 0,33
0.7 Awg 2,80 Awg 3,05 Awg 0,25
0.75 Awg 3, – Awg 3,25 Awg 0,25

The above mentioned table applies to White Zinfandel, Moscato (pink, red), Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangria, etc.

Import tax increase for fermented drinks and or pre mixed with (non) alcoholic drinks.

Other fermented drinks made of apples, pear and honing also classify for the import duty increase. This is a substantial increase from Awg. 100,00 per hectoliter to Awg. 433,00 per hectoliter.

Volume in liter Old import tax tariff New import tax tariff Import tax tariff increase
1 Awg 1,- Awg 4,35 Awg 3,35
0.7 Awg 0,70 Awg 3,05 Awg 2,35
0.75 Awg 0,75 Awg 3,25 Awg 2,50

All drinks comparable to brands like Somersby and Apple Cider have an increased import duty tariff, from Awg. 150,00 per hectoliter to Awg. 433,00 per hectoliter.

Volume in Liter Old import duty tariff New import duty tariff Import duty increase
1 Awg 1,50 Awg 4,35 Awg 2,85
0.7 Awg 1,05 Awg 3,05 Awg 2,00
0.75 Awg 1,10 Awg 3,25 Awg 2,15

With this information, the Aruba Customs would like to inform the public to be aware of the price increase while consuming alcoholic beverages.

For more information of the changes per 1 januari 2019 you may consult  AB2018no.78 or you please contact the Aruba CustomsDepartment at