The Department of Nature and Environment (DNM) is partner in the Environment Task Force (MST)

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 21-04-2019.

ORANJESTAD - At the end of 2018, an agreement of collaboration was reached between governmental departments whose work is related to environmental protection.

Car wrecks on private terrainsThe Task Force is called the Environment Collaboration team (Milieu Samenwerkingsteam (MST). This Task Force consists of the following departments:
Police Force Aruba (KPA);
Bureau City Inspector (BCI);
Department of Public Health (DVG);
Department of Technical Inspection (DTI);
Department of Nature and Environment (DNM).

This agreement is to collectively handle the many environmental issues reported daily. Complaints are received daily by phone, email, signature actions etc. The Task Force will discuss the complaints and will:

  • prioritize each complaint based on the urgency;
  • assign the relevant partner as primary handler of the complaint;
  • consult/seek the proper laws regarding the complaint;
  • attend the person accused with the complaint in order to solve the matter.

Plastic bags and garbage dumped in nature area

It is often a neighborhood that becomes the victim of these environmental violations. Complaints are:

  • Raising of small livestock in the neighborhood;
  • Complaints about sewage water on public roads and private land as well as usage of sewage water for irrigation.
  • Noise disturbance;
  • Burden of car wrecks that become waste and breeding places for insects and rodents with all possible health risks for the neighborhood.

Oil dumped in nature areaOn many occasions the Police and Department of Public Health have to deal with complaints of raising of small livestock farming in neighborhoods. According to article 20 and 30 of the General Police Ordinance, the raising of livestock is prohibited in neighborhoods. It is not only a burden for the neighborhood, but can also become a risk for contagious diseases for humans.

DVG and BCI usually address sewage water related complaints. These violations are stated in articles 16, 17, 23 and 27 of the General Police Ordinance. Reported complaints include illegal sewage or laundry waste dumping by septic companies. These types of complains are addressed by the DVG y DNM. The DNM provides assistance with testing where confirmation is needed for suspicious cases.

KPA and DVG address noise disturbances. The Bothersome Noises ordinance (Hinderlijke geluidenverordening) is applicable in these cases. The DTI is often requested to measure the level of noise.

Dumped old tires on public terrain

For car wrecks on public or private terrain, the KPA, BCI and if needed the Serlimar is called to assist with these complains. The Police informs the neighborhood detectives (Bario Rechercheurs) of all actions taken in the neighborhood. The objective is to try to find solutions and get everybody involved to work together. Some cases are referred to the prosecutor with an official report. These cases will most likely end with a fine being issued.

The DNM will continue to inform the public of the environmental laws we have in Aruba.