‘100 Innovations’ together with FUTURA competition

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ORANJESTAD- The Government of Aruba is launching a new innovation project: ‘100 Innovations’ together with FUTURA.

Ad 100 innovations‘100 Innovations’, 100 ideas and innovation projects is a competition for every citizen and organization on Aruba. The goal is to encourage everyone to be part of the solution and to bring new or old ideas forward aiming at finding 100 innovative and applicable projects in order to help solve the challenges of Aruba by the end of 2020.

The 3 themes for the 100 innovations competition are:1. planet (the environment); 2. People; 3. prosperity.This competition consists of a national competition that will include 3 cycles, and each individual cycle will focus on a theme that concerns the community while help reach the United Nations 2030 SGD’s, the framework for the integral Government’s policies.

The 3 themes for the 100 innovations competition are:

  1. planet (the environment);
  2. people
  3. prosperity.

More information about the competition “100 innovations” will be available on Facebook @arubafutura and instagram OneHundredAruba

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