4000 granted house plots are still unbuilt

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 16-02-2020.

ORANJESTAD - The Department for Infrastructure and Planning DIP is estimating 4000 plots of land that have been granted for residential construction, that have not been used as such.

The DIP will soon take measures to reclaim those empty plots of land.

The policy initiated in May 2018 for granting plots of land for residential use is on the right track. The DIP is monitoring the different phases of this new policy. According to the latest data from November 2019, there are a total of 185 notarial deeds that have been signed while another 220 are waiting to sign their notarial deed. The DIP is preparing the new plots for the pre-reservation and reservation phases that will soon be announced. The new policy is going as anticipated.

The DIP is currently processing all requests for ground lease from 2013 and hopes to process the requests of 2018 before the end of 2020. There is a limited amount of lots available for residential construction. This means that the DIP needs to make an inventory, based on the calculations of the number of lots that can be granted for in the next 5 years. The shortage of lots can be dealt with in a variety of ways. Many people have a lot that has never been built on. These individuals will be addressed by the DIP and reminded that they need to build a house on these lots, otherwise the DIP will reclaim them.

Last year many received the notification and ultimatum from the DIP to comply with the laws and terms of the building lease agreement. There are however still more or less 4000 empty lots.

Another issue the DIP encountered where abandoned houses. The DIP will try to reach an agreement with the owners of these empty and abandoned houses to reach a solution. The DIP is well aware of the article in the National Ordinance Issue of Properties (Landsverordening Uitgifte Eigendommen) stating that if a house is abandoned or when owners are no longer interested in the house, the government can start the process of expropriation of the lot.

The DIP is currently in the phase of planning multiple allotment plans, evaluating the best solutions, based on the policy stipulated by the Minister to build upwards instead of wide. This will result in the use of smaller lots thus creating more lots that can be leased and more families will have the opportunity of fulfilling their dream with their own house.

The amount of individuals who have received a reservation is still unknown as the DIP is awaiting the final data of all those that passed the pre-reservation phase in order to get to the reservation phase.

The DIP has an agreement with the FCCA for individuals who do not meet the requirements of the new policy and has been tasked with the construction of 250 houses. 

This is one of the many projects the DIP is working on together with the FCCA, to monitor the progress of this project.

One thing is very clear; there is a very limited amount of lots for residential development.

Another possible solution for the shortage of lots is for privately owned land to be sold to individuals.

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