Application procedure for Aruba-loan 2020-2021

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ORANJESTAD - The Department of Education of Aruba (DEA) is announcing the application process for the Aruba-loan starting August 2020.

Aruba offers the students, who want to pursue higher education either in Aruba or abroad, a student loan called Aruba-loan. This loan intends to help students cover their education costs.

The Aruba-loan consists of 2 components;

A “starter package” to cover initial costs and a “payment in installments package” to help cover costs during the study trajectory.

Students from Aruba can apply for the Aruba-loan for attending the EPI, Pedagogic Institute of Aruba IPA or University of Aruba UA or can apply for the Aruba-loan to attend school in the Netherlands, USA, Canada and other countries.

Application Aruba study loanAruba-loan portal

Since 2017, applications for the Aruba-loan are done on the Aruba-loan portal on the website of the Department of Education An “Arubalening account” should be created by the student following the “Arubalening portal”.

Once the account is created, the student can login on the Arubalening Portal and start the application process.

The application process consists of 3 elements and includes submission of several documents. The entire application process including the evaluation process can take about 3 months.

The student needs to register with a valid email address that can be used for sending notifications and important information to the student. Students are urged to regularly login on the Arubalening portal to check the status of their application.

For more information of the Aruba-loan, loan amounts, application procedure, required documents and different deadlines to qualify for the Aruba-loan starting August 2020 or January 2021, please visit; “Arubalening Portal”.

Students are also advised to follow the Department of Education of Aruba on Facebook for the latest information.

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