Aruba requests 12 million florins (5 million euros) to help combat the crisis with Venezuela

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 31-08-2019.

ORANJESTAD - In May this year, the Netherlands announced that 23.8 million euros, or 55 million florins, will be made available to help with the crisis with Venezuela.

A portion will be used by the Netherlands itself to cover its costs for the assistance to our region. For the other part, both Aruba and Curacao had to submit a list of plans and projects that can be financed with the funds made available. When asked about the state of affairs, the Prime Minister of Aruba indicated that Aruba had already submitted the list.

Prime minister Wever-Croes has announced that Aruba has applied for 12 million florins in the context of this project as help to combat the crisis with Venezuela. This money will be used in particular to:

  • make the Aruban borders resilient and safer.
  • to better control the borders and to better manage the impact of the Venezuela crisis in Aruba.
  • to apply monitoring at sea and on land more strictly so that illegal goods, weapons, and people do not enter.
  • prevent human trafficking and smuggling. These are topics that play a role in our regions and that need to be addressed.

The available money will also be used to increase the detention capacity of illegal immigrants, to improve their reception until the time they can return to their country. Since the number of people without legal status has been increasing lately, the expansion of the facilities is necessary. A portion of the available funds will also benefit education. This will allow more attention to be paid to reduce the impact of the Venezuela crisis on education in Aruba, as well as the social impact.

It is good to note that the available funds may not be used to invest in the economy of Aruba. The funds may only be used to strengthen the Land of Aruba to deal with the crisis as well as possible.

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