Censo 2020

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ORANJESTAD - Censo 2020 will take place from October 1 until October 10, 2020, and will be completely digital.

General Population and housing count 

Censo 2020Every 10 years, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) organizes a general population and housing count, that includes the participation of the entire community; “Censo”. That is the general population count and serves to answer 3 crucial questions;

  • Who we are;
  • how many we are;
  • how do we live.

Sustainable development goals

Censo 2020This year also marks the start of the decade that will implement the sustainable development goals SDGs. The Censo will also serve as an instrument for data collection in order to calculate the SDG’s indicators.


Surveyors Census 2020The preparations are ongoing and with the help of a marketing company soon be promoted to make the public aware of all the aspects of the Censo2020.

The CBS is currently developing a new website that will serve the community with valuable information about the Censo 2020. The CBS will also soon provide the list of information required for the effective and efficient execution of the Censo2020. This was frequently received as feedback during the pilot Censo last October.

Counting center

Count centerDuring the Censo2020, Aruba will be divided into 5 regions:

  • San Nicolas;
  • Santa Cruz;
  • Paradera;
  • Oranjestad;
  • Noord.

The CBS is currently seeking a central location in each region to serve as a guidance location for the Censo 2020. These will be accessible for the surveyors and community where they can receive assistance and information needed. The main Counting center will be at the main office of the CBS in Sun Plaza.

In this document, you will find more information on the Censo 2020.

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