DEA digitizes educational material

ORANJESTAD - In 2019 the Department of Education of Aruba started a digitalization project of all the educational material destined for all school boards, school and other in the education field.

Digital learning material Department of EducationThe objective of this digitalization is to facilitate access to the material used in schools and to promote the use of digital media in schools.

It is for this reason the DEA has expanded its website with a new portal, dedicated to the education material.

The portal mainly consists of most editions of the Section of Curriculum Development but also materials regarding the development of the Language in Education project.

This includes student books and teachers manual of the different methods 

that has been developed for each particular school and support material like books, posters, games, flip-cards, audiovisual material, etc.

Access to the portal is exclusively for the education sector, with each school and school board’s users.

Digital learning material Department of EducationSection of Curriculum Development 

The Section of Curriculum Development of the DEA is responsible for the development and revision of the education program and education material for Aruba. This section was founded in 1886 to have educational material that fits the students in Aruba. The section has grown over the years and is now also in charge of the nucleus goals for primary education and the final terms for advanced and professional education in sync with innovation in education.

This section has also developed the education program and material for primary schools (Aruba Multilingual School), Intermediate Professional Education (EPB) and the General Secondary Education (MAVO, HAVO y VWO).

Digital learning material Department of EducationLanguage in Education Program

The Language in Education Program of the DEA works on the standardization (establishing rules) and the cultivation of Papiamento as support for the introduction of Papiamento in education. This includes publications of materials for the orthography (Books and spell checkers) and grammar. 

The Language in Education Program also guides many editorial projects, productions and book publications (fiction and non-fiction) in Papiamento. Many of these publications are available on the portal. The intention is to have all new publications digitalized and available on the website.

With the launching of the website portal, the DEA hopes to provide additional support to its users like school boards, schools and all involved with education in Aruba.

For more information please visit or follow DEA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram DEA for the latest developments in education in Aruba at @educationaruba.

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