DIMAS introduces a transitional procedure for the payment for permits

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ORANJESTAD – The Department of Integration, Management and Admission of Foreign Nationals DIMAS informs all its clients and partners that effective January 15, 2020, a transitional payment procedure for DIMAS services will be introduced.

In the first quarter of 2020, the DIMAS will gradually introduce the possibility for its clients to make permit requests online. 

The most important changes for DIMAS clients are:

  • Clients of DIMAS can only pay with a “payment order checklist”, a digital payment sequence that DIMAS will provide.

Building DIMASThe “payment order checklist” includes:

  • Personal data of the DIMAS client
  • Client’s number  (CRV);
  • A barcode
  • A serial number (payment sequence number).

What will be the transitory payment process starting January 15, 2020?

  1. DIMAS clients must make an appointment online at www.dimasaruba.aw for the application.
  2. On the appointment date, the client needs to be at the DIMAS in person to submit the request for one of the products offered by the DIMAS(for example resident permit or a declaration LTUV article 1 and 3). Clients need to submit all required documents for evaluation of the requested product.
  3. Only then, DIMAS will send a “Payment order checklist” to the personal email address of the client, indicating the amount to be paid. DIMAS needs to have your email address. The DIMAS client can then proceed with the payment indicated on the payment order checklist by:
    - Bill payment of Aruba Bank 
    - Bill payment of Banco di Caribe or at one of the offices of the Tax Department (Departamento di Impuesto -DIMP) located at the Multifunctional facilities (MFA’s) and can only be paid with a debit card.
    - Online payments or payments at the MFA’s with their payment order checklist “Betaalorder checklist”  within 7 days, do not have to provide proof of payment. The DIMAS will automatically receive the payment notification and will make sure the evaluation process continues a needed.
  4. Clients who do not comply with the payment as stated in the “Betaalorder Checklist”  within the 7 days, will receive a notification that their request has been   canceled.

Summary of changes in procedure starting January 15, 2020:

Before January 14, 2020 Starting January 15, 2020
Clients made permit payments at the Departamento di Impuesto and received a stamp before the meeting with DIMAS to submit the required documents. Clients go to DIMAS on the appointment day. During the appointment, the clients receive the “Betaalorder Checklist”, via email address so the clients can proceed with the payments.
Payments were made at the Departamento di Impuesto or the booth of Departamento di Impuesto in the DIMAS building.

After receiving the “Betaalorder Checklist” they can make payments using the following options:

  • Bill payment of Aruba Bank or Banco di Caribe
  • Pay in person at one of the MFA’s with debit cards only.

DIMAS urges everyone to take notice of these changes. For questions please contact the DIMAS on Facebook or on their contact form on the website www.dimasaruba.aw.

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