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ORANJESTAD – The Department of Infrastructure and Planning (DIP) will update their entire application database, starting on August 5 until August 16, 2019.

DIP has about 22 products that are outdated, like outstanding requests. That is the reason the DIP decided to answer and update all citizens requests. The updating of the pre-reservation requests for land was a success, now it is the turn for the following requests:

  •  Expansion;
  • expired ground lease;
  • commercial ground lease.


Since 1999 there are about 2000 citizens that submitted their application for expansion of their plot of land. Most are for a small size of land, for the building of, for example, a new room or garage. This group of citizens received a letter from the DIP, inviting them to re-submit their expansion request, if this is still needed, from Augustus 5 to August 16, 2019, at the DIP. Once they confirm their application and pay the fees, they will be directed to the Kadaster for the measuring of the land and in 3 months they should receive their expansion.

Ground Lease

Another product that will be updated by the DIP is the list of expired ground lease terms. Some people have requested a renewal of their expired ground lease since 1986. This is approximately 300 requests, and they are also being invited to confirm their renewal request between August 5, 2019, and August 16, 2019. There are currently about 2000 commercial ground lease requests that have been submitted since 2008. They should also confirm and re-apply during the set dates.

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