DIP: Plot of land granted by the government should be used solely for the purpose it was given for

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 13-02-2020.

ORANJESTAD-The Department of infrastructure and Planning DIP is visiting sites to make sure everyone is using their obtained land for the purpose it was given by the Government.

Sites being checked are in Colony (Sero Colorado), Kiosks, neighborhood garages, illegal homes, etc. build on land that is destined for agriculture. These site inspections are being carried out together with the police department. Many situations have been encountered where tolerated in previous years. The tolerance created a sense of acceptance that it was completely ok to use these lands for different purposes. Recently they discovered a situation where 8 to 10 homes were built on a farmland where rent was being paid or electricity. This is contrary to the land’s purpose.

The DIP handled this case according to the rules, sending a letter to the owner, specifying the irregularity reported. Individuals who did not pay their fees may also lose their land as stated in the law. The DIP has no responsibilities towards irregularities caused by the landowner and the renters on land used for a purpose other than stated by law.

The DIP urges everyone to use the farmlands for the purpose it serves, and not for illegal homes, business or any other illegal activity.

The DIP received many complaints indicating that the persons who use this plot of land destined for agricultural use do not have a house and built a building on these lands to live in.

In the event that the DIP discovers illegally constructed buildings, they will engage other services in the case, taking into account humanitarian considerations.

The humane aspects are considered by the DIP before removing these individuals from their illegal homes and will give them time to move.

They will also contact the Department of Social Affairs and other relevant departments regarding the situations they encountered.

The main objective of the DIP is to keep order and enforce the laws and will provide a decent timeframe from relocation. At the end of the day, the landowner is responsible to remove everything illegal off the land and use it for the purpose of the terrain. 

It is important to state that the use of farmland for any other purpose is not acceptable just because it was tolerated for a long time. With the new policy and management, the DIP will maintain the order. Government land that is granted for residential use, business or agriculture, should be used as such. The terms of each land are stipulated in the agreement upon receiving the land.

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