First year of Mo-B Tech Lab a great success

ORANJESTAD - The Mo-B Tech Lab project started last year as a new tool to introduce students to science and technology. 

The Mo-B Tech Lab is a Mobile Tech lab initiated by the Government.

The Prime Minister of Aruba shared in detail everything that was achieved with the Mo-B Lab during the 2018-2019 school year.

The intention of the Mo-B Tech is to create a new method to get students interested in science and technology in a more creative way. Mo-B Tech Lab is the former Bibliobus that was transformed into a science and technology lab on wheels, a very innovative and educational bus that intrigues the young students.

It is an unconventional project created by “Futura”, the innovation branch executing the vision of the Government of Aruba with supervision of the Prime Minister. The creation of the MO-B Tech Lab is made a reality thanks to the collaboration of Futura with the Metabolic Foundation, OCTA Funds (European Union) who provided a substantial contribution of 75%, The National Library of Aruba as well as the contribution of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sustainability.

Mo-B Tech Lab

The Mo-Tech Lab reached 6000 individuals including students, teachers, parents and administrators, and visited the after school care centers of Traimerdia.

This project was initially only intended for the Traimerdia centers, but was soon discovered by most schools who started requesting to be included in their schedule. Local students now have the opportunity to create prototypes, learn, develop and experiment with science and technology. It also serves as a motivation for future teachers to explore different methods of teaching.

The Government hopes to intrigue more students with the Mobile Tech Lab in working with technology while pointing out how kids learn easier with the use of technology compared to the conventional instruction system.

For the upcoming vacation, the Mo-B Lab will visit a variety of vacation camps and activities around the island. The objectives of the visits are among other things:

  1. Continue to serve as the base for diversification of the Aruba economy by getting more students involved with science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  2. Prepare students with 21st century abilities that can influence the education system with enough interest of teachers and students.

As extension to the Mo-B Lab they added a “Mobile Makerspace”, a fully sustainable workplace situated at the National Library in Oranjestad. This workplace is fully loaded with equipment to help encourage exploration and bringing ideas to life. Soon there will also be a Mobile Marketplace in San Nicolas.

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