Import of Gold from Venezuela is prohibited

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 30-08-2019.

ORANJESTAD -  Due to the regional situation, the Government of Aruba has decided to prohibit the import, export, and transit of any gold directly and indirectly from Venezuela.

This import, export, and transit of Venezuelan gold is a global discussion and has already caused damage to the image of Aruba. Therefore, the government decided to improve its international image. Curacao has also banned the import, export or transit of gold from Venezuela with a similar decree (P.B. 2019, no. 25)

With this decision, the Government of Aruba is putting an end to the ongoing discussion whether the import/export of gold a  legitimate business is or not. It is NOT legit and thus prohibited.

For more information please consult the Official Gazette “Afkondigingsblad” AB 2019 no.43.

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