Information day for “Friends of the Archive” on September 27, 2019

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ORANJESTAD – On September 27, 2019, “Friends of the Archive” Foundation will have an information day on which they will discuss Digitalization and its  challenges.

Building National Archives Aruba (Archivo Nacional Aruba - ANA)Speakers from the Netherlands and Aruba will focus on the impacts that digitalization on the formation of digital documents, specifically for the cultural heritage and history.

Invitation Information Day Amigonan di Archivo (Friends of the Archive)They will discuss the challenges, options and possible solutions for the digital preservation of information in a sustainable manner.

Speakers and topics:

  • Main speaker is Mr. Drs. Marens L. Engelhard; General Government Archivist & General Director National Archive of the Netherlands.  Before holding this position he was the director of the City Archive in Amsterdam as a municipal archivist. Mr. Engelhard will present his vision of the digital formation and its consequences. This in relations with his book “Op weg naar 2020 en verder”. He will also discuss the impact of digitalization and what it means for the field of archiving and the general function of archiving including the different legislation (AVG and WOO legislation).  
  • Speaker Mr. Paul Geerders; Consultant at P.G. Consultancy and instructor at GO-Education Netherlands will talk about information sustainability  in a presentation called: “Informacion, essential base for sustainable development”. His presentation will be about the challenges  related to the cultural heritage  in the digital era and its preservation.
  • Aruba’s main speaker is Mr. Drs. Raymond R. Hernandez; Director of Archivo Nacional Aruba. His presentation “Vol verwachting klopt ons hart” will be from  the perspective of archive in Aruba and will discuss the anxiety towards digitalization, specifically for the conservation and durability of digital information. How will today’s documents will be preserved in the future?

Shensly Tromp, IT Director at the Aruba Airport Authority, will explain how they integrated the digital system within their organization. Mr. Tromp is part of the Management Team and responsible for the digitalization and innovation at the airport in Aruba. Mr. Tromp will explain the digital system called “Happy Flow”, unique in Aruba with “facial recognition” to facilitate easy passenger flow.

Other speakers from Aruba and the Netherlands include Mrs. Migiza Victoriashoop Msc, Digital Information Services Advisor - Waterlands Archief Netherland & Representative Knowledge Platform for Information Management Governments and Mr. Eric Kokke, Teacher & Marketing Manager GO-Training Netherlands.

Arubabank NV and ITP-Caribbean International will be present as well

The presentation will be in English and Dutch.

Logo National Archives Aruba (Archivo Nacional Aruba - ANA)The information date is 27 September 2019 at the Renaissance Convention Center from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Admission is Awg. 125,- p.p. (including lunch and networking at the end.).

This event is organized with the collaboration of Archivo Nacional Aruba, UNOCA Aruba, GO Fonds Nederland, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribbean, ITP-Caribbean y Arubabank.

For more information and registration please call Friends of the Archive at 567-4118 or email: Please complete the registration form.

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