Innovation is the key to Aruba’s future development

ORANJESTAD – The Government is currently working on three innovation projects to get ready for quick development in technology.

Ad e-government1. E-GOVERNMENT

E-Government is an important trajectory in which all services rendered by the Government will be digitalized to improve service for the public, speed up procedures and be more transparent.

The goal of e-Government is to improve the quality of life of the citizen, saving them the time that can be used for themselves, family and hobby.


Ad 100 innovationsIn addition to e-Government, there is a need to create opportunities and an appropriate environment for innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to experiment, fail and try all over again until they reach their objective. This demands the stop of bureaucracy and the promotion of innovative ideas.

This is the reason the Government launched the project 100 INNOVATIONS, competition for every citizen and organization on Aruba. The goal is to encourage everyone to be part of the solution and to bring new or old ideas forward aiming at finding 100 innovative and applicable projects to help solve the challenges of Aruba by the end of 2020. 100 innovative ideas will be selected this year and the winners will receive the support for the realization of their innovative solution. For next year, there can be 1000 innovative ideas. This may be a solution to any existing situation. Another way to address problems, not only digitalization. By doing this, the Government hopes to encourage everyone to work on possible solutions instead of only focusing on the problem.


Presentation e-GovernmentThe third project is ‘Stem the gap”. The world is quickly changing and soon there will be jobs that do not exist yet. The changes are still unknown but the children need to be ready to be able to adjust and explore their creativity to meet the new world. Technical classes will become more and more important. Classes like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for the abbreviation STEM. It is a fact that male students are usually more intrigued by these classes and professions compared to female students. There is already a big gap between male and female students in these fields. The Prime Minister stated that if nothing is done to narrow the gap, it will only get wider and women will be self-excluded from these professions. Everything achieved so far by women will be lost, so it is very important to focus on attracting female students into the field of STEM. STEM will certainly help close the gap between men and women, and that’s why we say STEM THE GAP”.

Recently a concept was launched called Girls Lounge, a place where girls can get together and stimulated towards technology.

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