Introduction of Visa and ESTA for all Venezuela nationals

ORANJESTAD - Starting April 1, 2020, a new travel Visa will be introduced, based on the National Visa Act of the Netherlands, for all travelers with the Venezuelan nationality.

Meanwhile the Minister of Justice in Aruba, mr. Andin Bikker is finalizing the “Leisure decree” for the introduction of the ESTA for Venezuelan Nationals, similar to the Canadian and US ESTA.  

ESTA is the abbreviation for Electronic System for Travel Authorization and will apply specifically for the Venezuelan jurisdiction.

These new travel authorization systems are only valid for visitors traveling as tourists and do not apply for resident or work permit holders. Venezuelan nationals that reside in Aruba and have a valid work permit or any other permit granting them long term stay in Aruba are not submitted to the ESTA or VISA system. Article 5 of the Admission decree states that anyone residing in Aruba with a valid work permit is excluded from the ESTA/VISA program.

The introduction of these permits will have a great impact on travelers from Venezuela.

Only travelers from Venezuela coming to Aruba for leisure are submitted to the ESTA and VISA program.

All applications will be screened to verify the real purpose of travel and only those with a legitimate intention of visiting Aruba as a tourist will be welcomed. Aruba has a population count of 115.000 people while Venezuela has a population of more than 28 million. Aruba cannot handle the issues of the neighboring country and needs to protect its infrastructure and tourism industry.

Map of Venezuela

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