Kids should play more, sit less (part 1)

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 17-10-2019.

ORANJESTAD - The Department of Public Health wants to inform about the benefits for a healthy development of children.

This information will be provided in 3 parts, educating the community on the importance of physical activity by children.

Logo World Health Organization (WHO)Children younger than the age of 5 should spend less time staring at screens or strapped in strollers and chairs. For proper development, children should sleep at least 8 hours a day and spending as many hours possible actively playing. This according to the new studies published by the WHO.

A professional commission of the WHO has recently developed new instructions for physical activity and active behavior for children under the age of 5. This after evaluating:

  • The effects of poor rest/sleep and non-active time while watching any kinds of screens or while being strapped in a stroller or chair.
  • Evidence of increased benefits by increasing physical activity among children

BabyThese new instruction/ recommendations are:

  • Toddlers under 12 months should be more active many times a day in different ways, like interactive games laying down. Kids that do not move enough yet, should have a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity while on their tummy.
  • It is recommended NOT to have children strapped longer than 1 hour in a stroller, highchair, car seat or bouncer.
  • ‘Screen-time’ in the form of TV, tablet or any electronic device is not recommended. Relaxing time should be filled with book reading, storytelling, and singing for the baby.
  • Between 0 to 3 months, babies should sleep 14 to 17 hours a day, while toddlers between 4 months to 11 months of age should get 12 to 16 hours of sleep daily. The interaction between physical activity, relaxing time and adequate sleep and its impact on the physical and mental health and wellbeing has been recognized by the commission “to end infant obesity”.

By implementing these recommendations during the first 5 years of a child, it will contribute to a motoric and cognitive development and a long term Childs health.

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