Maintenance of the Bubaliplas

ORANJESTAD – The Department for Public Work DOW, has announced that since 1 February 2020, they have started with the scheduled maintenance in the Bubaliplas.

Bubali wetlandsThis has been the case for several years and consists of the removal of unwanted trees and the water lilies outgrowing the Bubaliplas.

This is highly needed to maintain proper water circulation and water quality in the Bubaliplas, while protecting the flora/fauna of the area.

The effects of not maintaining the Bubaliplas’ water circulation can be devastating for its habitat.

The DOW is doing the maintenance in close collaboration with the Department of Nature and Environment to assure no harm is done.

The amount of water lilies has grown out of control and is blocking the sun’s light from reaching the water, reducing the level of oxygen in the water and deteriorating the water quality. Due to the enormous work, the DOW has opted for the use of heavy equipment to solve the problem.

The DOW is considering Everglades Swamp Boats for future maintenance.

The scheduled maintenance will take 4 weekends to complete and the DOW is kindly asking the community comprehension for this needed maintenance.

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