Motor vehicle tax payment date postponed to February 28, 2020

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ORANJESTAD - During a press conference on Monday January 13, 2020, the Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Culture informed Mes. Xiomara Ruiz-Maduro informed that the deadline for payment of the motor vehicle tax has changed.

The new deadline for the  first term for 2020, (January to June 2020) is February 28, 2020.

Betaling motorrijtuigbelastingVehicle Tax rate and license plate

The vehicle tax rate for 2020 remains the same as in 2019.

The custom license plate is Awg. 600,00 for personal gasoline vehicles and Awg. 1000,00 for personal diesel cars. The license plate fees will also remain the same as it currently is and needs to be paid upon payment of vehicle tax.

The large license plate is Awg.12,00 and the small license plate is Awg. 8,00

Customers who are paying for the first half of the year need to pay the Awg. 12, 00 with the vehicle tax, and those paying for the entire year should include the Awg. 8,00 when paying.

Ad Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Culture regarding the new deadline of February 28. 2020 for payment of the motor vehicle tax for 2020.Payments in installments

For all vehicles with the license plate in the following categories: D, AG, BR,

GAR, MFA, MFD, MFV, have to pay in full including the license plate fees. For all other categories, payments can be in full amount or 2 installments.

The first term for 2020, (January to June 2020) is due on February 28, 2020. The second half’s term (July-December) is due on June 30, 2020.

Making payments

Clients can pay by online bank transfer or at any office of the Tax Department, the main building and all MFA’s.

Clients cannot pay their vehicle tax for 2020 if the vehicle tax for 2019 or any previous year is not paid.

Licence plate motor vehicles 2020Bank payments

Bank payments should include the “MB” number, tax number (persoonsnummer), the payment term being paid, and the license plate number. The sequence the online form has to be filled; MB-persoonsnummer-term-license plate number: MB-50001234-2020-A92345

In the event vehicle tax is being paid for multiple vehicles online, each transaction needs to be individual. Payment of one amount in one transaction for multiple vehicles is not allowed since it will delay the processing of the paid vehicle tax.

Online payments should also include the amount for the license plate. If only paying the vehicle tax and not the license plate fee will result in the customer not receiving the new license plates.

License Plate

The 2020 license plates will be white with red numbers/letters. The license plates will be available in March 2020.

Custom license plate

The custom license plates will be available on January 10, 2020.

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