National Commission instated to work on women’s rights.

ORANJESTAD - In a speech given by the Prime Minister of Aruba during the International Women’s Day Conference on March 8, 2020, she announced the establishment of a national commission in charge of promoting gender equality in Aruba.

Members of National Commission in charge of promoting gender equality during the International Women’s Day conference on March 8, 2020.The objective is to assure equal rights for women in collaboration and support of the United Nations Women Organization (UN Women).

The commission consists of Government representatives, NGO’s, Academics and representatives from the private sector that have been selected based on their experience and expertise;

1. Ministry of General Affairs, Mrs. Lisette Geerman-Gomez

2. Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor / Center for Development of Women (CEDEHM), Mrs. Miangela Ras

3. Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Desiree Helder

4. Department of Social Affairs (DSZ), Mrs. Merl Serrant Gibbs

5. Department of Economic Affairs (DEACI), Mrs. Judesca Briceno

6. Department of Foreign Affairs (DBB), Mrs. Olivia Trimon-Croes

7. Department of Labor and Investigation (DAO), Mrs. Yvonne Lee Perez

8. Department of Labor and Investigation (DAO), Mrs. Gwendy Kock

Private Sector/Organizations

9. Professional Women’s Network, Mrs. Diana Wever-Salcedo

10. Aruba Bankers Association (ABA), Mrs. Sharon Frankel-de Cuba

11. Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA), Mrs. Malinda Hassel

12. Aruba Trade and Industry Association (ATIA), Mrs. Michelle de Groot

13. Women in Distress Foundation (FHMDD), Mrs. Magaly Maduro

Education Sector/ Academics

14. University of Aruba (UA), Mrs. Clemencia Eugene,

15. Pedagogic Institute of Aruba (IPA), Mrs. Paula Kibbelaar

UN /UN Women Liaison and Chair

16. Counselor for the Government of Aruba, Mrs. Jocelyne Croes who will guide the commission.

“Respect for women’s rights and equality for women is a priority for me. I am very proud to be the first female to become Prime Minister of Aruba. I did not just wake up dreaming of becoming the Prime Minister of Aruba. On the other hand, I never felt that being a woman was a limit to what I wanted to reach in life. I realized however that there is still prejudice against women’s roles, even in Aruba. Not every woman has experienced the same as I did, and we need to be honest that not everything is as it should be in Aruba. There is still discrimination and abuse against women”, the Prime Minister expressed in her speech at the Conference.

The Prime Minister, on behalf of the Government of Aruba, wishes the commission success.

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