National Council on aging soon a reality

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ORANJESTAD - The Government program includes the creation of a National Council on Aging, a council by seniors.

This is a very important entity since it will be beneficial for seniors. The Senior council, a council created by the government, will constantly be advising the government about all the concerns that may affect the elderly group.

The members and management of this council are not required to be retired seniors, but can also be experts who are committed to the care and wellbeing of the retired seniors. They can also be caregivers in geriatric institutions as well as nurses in nursing homes or at home.

Another aspect is the financial situation of the seniors, as they’ll undergo a decrease in income when they retire, while their daily expenses remain the same.

The general tax incentives for retirees is not yet in effect. However, the AZV and tax tariffs have been reduced to provide some relief to the retired seniors.

Infrastructure is another focal point of the government as they need to assure that all Government buildings, banks, main streets, etc. should be accessible to seniors of all ages and those disabled.

The National Council on Aging concept has been extensively discussed with representatives of the OPPA organization and together they created the new concept for the National Council on Aging as partners.

The concept is similar to that of the Social Economic Council (SER) The SER is a group of experts appointed by both the private and public sector that provides economic and social advise to the government through their secretariat. The increase in the minimum wage should always be advised by the SER. Given the success of the SER, the government wants to establish the National Council on Aging, so they can be included in the decision regarding all seniors in Aruba

“Aging is not considered a problem, rather it is a nice development in life when citizens reach old ages. The Government wants to include seniors in the decision making so they can also contribute to the wellness of Aruba.”, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes emphasized.

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