New Exporter Registration system introduced

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ORANJESTAD – Effective January 1, 2020, the Custom Department of Aruba has introduced a new ‘Registered Exporter System’ (REX) “ to help facilitate businesses who export their products from Aruba to Europe.

Specimen first page form request to register as registered exporter REX System.The Custom Department is emphasizing that products created in Aruba can only be exported to Europe using the new REX system, under  the preferential arrangements and tariff preferences based on the Overseas Association Decision (LGO-besluit).

The REX system completely replaces the system of origin certification based on certificates of origin (EUR.1) issued by governmental authorities.. Therefore, the previous system of Origin certification “EUR1 Certificate” became obsolete.

Specimen second page form request to register as registered exporter REX System.Process

Exporter who wish to export products created in Aruba to Europe, and who want to be eligible for the preferential tariffs, should request the registration form for the REX system at the Customs. They can also pre-register by applying online at and print, sign, scan and e-mail the documents to to start the process.  However, the original document should also be submitted at the Custom Department.


REX accelerates the custom procedures. Once registration is approved, the same REX number can be used. With the REX number, exporters can prepare the statements on origin themselves every time the product is exported. The statements of origin is simple and easy to make.    


The same rules that apply to determine the origin of the product remain valid. The exporter is responsible for releasing the right documents for origin verification of the products. Exporters should also comply with the custom procedures and are responsible for the shipping of the products to Europe.

For more information please visit or contact Carondina Leijdekkers or Eliane Riley at 523 8888.

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