No TX, T, O, B or V permits for Right-Hand Drive vehicles

ORANJESTAD – The Minister of Transport, Communication and Primary Sector, Chris Romero ratified his decision of December 2019, that it is not permitted for Right Hand Drive vehicles to be used as Taxi “TX”, Tour “T”, Regular transportation “O”, Bus “B”, Rental Vehicle “V” and Motorcycle Transportation “MFV”.

His decision is based on many crucial factors with the most important one being passenger safety when using public transportation.

Right Hand Drive vehiclesInsurance companies in Aruba have been indicating that they will no longer insure RHD vehicles used for commercial services.

This decision is also substantiated by different entities who presented a variety of findings that conclude that RHD vehicles used in public transportation can put the user’s physical integrity at risk.

According to the Minister, if a passenger sits in the front seat of an RHD vehicle and is dropped off, the passenger exits the vehicle on the roadside instead of on the sidewalk which is a danger to the passenger. Since most users of our public transportation are tourists, and we need to protect our tourism to avoid negative international coverage should something go wrong in public transportation.

There will indeed be a transition period for those who currently operate a RHD vehicle as Taxi. Permit holders currently operating a RHD vehicle have been notified by the Minister about his decision and are given time to purchase a vehicle according to the permit.

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