Online video games alert!

ORANJESTAD - The Government of Aruba and the commission that combats child sexual abuse are alerting parents whose children are playing online games about the following:

The commission that combats child sexual abuse has received numerous concerned calls from parents that their children are receiving WhatsApp messages from strangers, both from locals as foreigners. An investigation concluded that these children have innocently given online strangers their phone numbers for what they thought was a simple friendship. After a while these strangers place video calls with these children exposing themselves sexually and in some cases even inviting the children to meet personally. 

These strangers target the children using online games like GTA and Fortnite but certainly do not exclude other online games. Parents are encouraged to keep an eye open when their child is playing online and to check their phones regularly for strange numbers.

The commission also urges everyone to avoid posting personal information online like address, school or phone number on online games or social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Prevention is the best weapon against all kinds of abuse, it is better to prevent than to lament.

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