Pal’i Sia Cora cut in Sabana Basora was protected by law

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 25-08-2019.

ORANJESTAD - Recently the DNM received a call from an active environmentalist, reporting the bulldozing of a piece of land situated in Sabana Basora, in the proximity of the cemetery.

This case is being investigated and the DNM cannot provide any further information until the results of this investigation are known.

Pal’i Sia tree (Bursera simaruba)The Department of Nature and Environment (DNM) can certainly state that there are some protected plants that cannot be removed. One of these plants is the Pal’i Sia Cora (Bursera simaruba), protected by National Decree for the Protection of the local Flora and Fauna. (Landsbesluit bescherming inheemse flora en fauna).

The DNM only knows 2 locations of the Pal’I Sia Cora (Bursera simaruba). In other words, now that one has been illegally removed, there is only one remaining that is known to the DNM. A solution needs to be found, and the consequences should be defined this illegal act.

Not only is our nature protected, but in the event a land is requested that is bigger than 750m2, there is a legal process in place and the DNM has a vital role of registering and providing advice in the process of giving the land and provide the conditions of owning the land.

Pal’i Sia tree (Bursera simaruba)The Pal’i Sia Cora is a very scarce tree and the DNM wants your help in finding more of these plants so they can register the new findings if found. The DNM has a website that can be used to register all the new found trees. This is an extension of the previously started “Measure your plants” campaign. If you see a similar plant as the one on the photo, either in your backyard, or any known location, please take a photo and register this on the platform. The DNM only requires the location of such plants, no measurement is needed, but a photo of the plant is highly appreciated. All information will remain confidential.

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