Precautionary measures coronavirus COVID-19

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ORANJESTAD - International experts and organizations are researching the COVID-19 virus to find proper protection against this virus.

Coronavirus COVID-19-virusSo far, the experts say the virus spreads from human to human through virus particles in the air or on surfaces due to sneezes, coughs or touches from infected persons. For now, the DVG advises the following to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19:

  • Avoid direct contact with any person with respiratory like symptoms;
  • Wash hands frequently with water and soap, and use hand sanitizers, especially before eating.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth since these are entry places for the virus to the body.
  • Those with respiratory symptoms like flu should restrain themselves from the public and remain home for the protection of others.
  • Those with the respiratory symptoms should cough and sneeze in their sleeves or a napkin and wash hands immediately.
  • If you recently returned from an affected area and have developed any flu-like symptoms within 14 days, please contact your family physician by phone and provide travel history.

According to the WHO, everybody is susceptible to be infected but the elderly and those with existing medical conditions like cancer, heart disease, and diabetics are at higher risk of complications. The COVID-19 is comparable to the regular influenza virus, but with a lower mortality rate.

In this document and video (in Papiamento) you will find more information on the precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

For any information about the COVID-19, please contact the Department of Infectious Disease by calling 5224224/5224236/5224237/5224261/5224264 or the Department of Epidemiology and Investigation at 5224285

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