Preventative measures against the spread of COVID-19 for users of public transportation

ORANJESTAD - Aruba has confirmed two confirmed cases of the pandemic COVID 19.

After confirming the two cases for COVID 19, the Aruban Government activated the protocols related to this situation without hesitation.

Minister Chris Romero, Minister of Transport, now introduces a list of preventative measures that all companies in the transportation business must take from now on.

  1. All companies and individuals with permission to transport people must ensure that they can disinfect their vehicle daily.
  2. Have hand sanitizer ready at all times for clients and workers alike.
  3. Information related to COVID 19 must be displayed, visible and at the disposal of its clientele at all times.
  4. Material concerning COVID 19 is available via the Department of Public Health.

This list is in harmony with the Prime Minister’s decree of taking preventative action by holding the public sector responsible for creating the momentum for preventing the virus from spreading.

Further, if you should suspect a person of having COVID 19, then you must instruct them to call the COVID 19 hotline 280-0101.

We urge companies and individuals alike that have permission in the field of public transportation, to consider these measures to limit the spread of COVID 19.  

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